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Tier Pricing - All prices will be shown as Rising Artist | Studio Stylist | Elite Stylist 

Rising Artist: a passionate artist who has graduated from a formal hair education program, trained in branded services, and on a journey of growth while dedicating time to continuous learning through apprenticeship with experienced mentors. All while bringing their unique flair and creativity to every client's hair.

Studio Stylist: proficient in cutting and color techniques, continuously expanding their skills and knowledge while building their clientele. Their bookings are starting to fill up more and guests are repeatedly booking. These stylists are starting to get into rhythm and are becoming experts at the foundational services while exploring new skills and techniques. They're enthusiastic about bringing your hair vision to reality.

Elite Stylist: an expertise of their craft with over a decade of experience, they have exceptional skills and are committed to ongoing education. With bookings several weeks in advance, they lead by example, mentoring and collaborating with our rising artists to elevate the salon experience.



A customized haircut designed by your stylist to fit your individual style and preferences.


All cutting & styling services includes a wash and blow-dry.


A customized color to achieve the desired color shade. All color services includes a wash and blow-dry.


A la carte packaging: Any foil or hand painting services can be added on to root touch-up services. With this package a discount will be applied at checkout with a Rising Artist only. See below for discount.

Rising Artist   $30 OFF



Hair painting is a hair coloring technique for highlighting the hair where the color or lightener is hand painted directly onto the hair to create a gradual, natural-looking effect.


All hair painting services include a wash and blow-dry. 



Foil services is a process of applying color in foils to achieve the desired shade.

Highlight (achieve lightness) OR Lowlights (slightly darker)

Mini/Face Frame foil is a few foils placed around your hairline for a framing effect giving you some brightness or contrast of your desire shade.

Partial-foil is placed on the top half and side section of your hair, for a brightening or framing effect.

Full-foil includes foiling the top and underneath of your hair.

All foil services include a wash and blow-dry. 



Service includes your stylist using a hot tool to create an elegant style where the hair is pulled up and away from the neck or simply having a half up/half down style for a special occasion.


Formal styling is best when hair is washed two nights or the night before.


Get rid of unwanted hair. Mist Beauty Loft requires the stop of retina, retinols, or prescribed acne creams 3-5 days before your appointment to avoid the burning and tearing of skin. Before making any changes to your prescription medications, talk to your doctor. 


It is recommend to wait at least 24–48 hours between waxing and tanning appointments. Waxing exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells and skin may burn or become irritated due to sensitivity of sunburned skin.



Treatments can be tailored to your hair. We provide different services designed to moisturize, restore and protect your hair, scalp and boost hair growth.



Hair extensions are a great way to add volume, color and length. If you're simply looking for a pop of color without the upkeep of coloring your hair, this is a great alternative.

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